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About AeroFusion

I work with computers and technology. I mess around with older technology usually, but sometimes I'll cover newer stuff.

Sometimes I'll make content not about technology, but about games or other non-tech related stuff.

I am also an amateur web developer who knows a bit of HTML, CSS, and JS. I am also currently learning a bit of Python, C, and C++.

I've had many years of experience with cybersecurity-related stuff, such as malware, privacy, and other things like that.

More About Me


I listen to a lot of electronic music, and a little metal.


I like GMOD, Payday 2, Terraria, and a lot of older games.

Contact Me

Want to talk to me, or other people with similar interests? I own a server called Netsky Community, which you should join to talk to me the quickest.

If you want to directly add me, you can add me on Discord at Espi 💕#0138. I have friend requests and DMs open.

If Discord isn't your thing, you can send me a Twitter DM. I'll try to reply as soon as possible.