About AeroFusion

Hello! My name is Espi. I work with computers and technology. I mess around with Virtual Machines, software, and malware quite a bit.

I am a small content creator living in East Tennessee, and I am 15 years old. I've been interested in tech since I was nearly 2 years old.

My content revolves around tech tutorials, tips, tricks, or news. Sometimes I test malware or cover exploits, and give tips on how to protect yourself.

I am also an ametuer web developer who knows a bit of HTML, CSS, and JS. I am also currently learning a bit of Python, C, and C++.

Other things I like are anime, animals, music, and gaming. I also like going to resell stores to see what older and used tech they have.

Discord Servers

Want to talk to me, or other people with similar interests? I own a server called Netsky Community which you should join.

Also, I recommend you join the rest of these Discord Communities that I am currently staff in!

Additionally, you can add me @ AeroFusion [Espi]#1154. I usually respond pretty fast.